Nothing A Red Lipstick Can't Fix

Last April was extremely tough. I was physically drained and emotionally exhausted. It was full of what ifs and whys. I was fighting not to fall back into the pit of depression. May was better. And then another one hit me. I wish I could elaborate but this is something I've been keeping to myself for years and I can't share just yet. 

I have been into stress eating for weeks and gained the weight I worked hard to shed off for months. I promised myself to get back in shape come June and yesterday while I was putting on my plate every dessert available on the buffet, I realized it is already June! 

This morning I woke up very early. I stayed in bed for two more hours lazily browsing my phone. I turned off the airconditioner and the heat slowly filled the room. Something to force me to get up. I then went downstairs and checked the fridge. I saw leftover pizza. I love leftover pizza. Popped a slice in the oven and while waiting for it, I remember I bought a MAC lipstick yesterday. 

So this is an #iwokeuplikethis photo except that I put a lipstick on. I'm not really into red lipsticks but I thought I need one to brighten up on days like these. I say I made a good choice with Relentlessly Red. Felt a bit better now. :)

I wonder, what gives men comfort?

PS. I thought I look good on this one so I changed my blog's profile photo. Pardon me. I guess I'm suffering from a bad case of #GGSS

The Bad Joke

I once said a joke that I thought was harmless and funny. It turned out to be a bad joke. I was too proud to admit it was a bad joke. I don't even believe I should be sorry. It was a joke. It should be funny. Why are people so pikon?

Hours later, I realized (admitted) it was a bad joke. A joke that was hurtful. Insulting. Insensitive.

Is sorry enough?


But it should be sincere. Not the kind of sorry just to appease someone.

I am an educated person. I know I was raised well by my parents. But I am not perfect. Some parts of me are rotten. I make awful mistakes. Pride makes it difficult for me to be sorry right away. But when I do, it comes from the heart. 

Roselle Writes At PSST.Ph

I never thought that a job posting on facebook will change my outlook for 2016. I started the year feeling depressed. The inevitable truth that I'm turning 40 and the lack of significant achievement made me restless. I almost considered giving the corporate world another try just to prove to myself that I still can compete in the rat race.

When Kathy posted on a blogger group that she needs writers, I was a bit hesitant to submit sample articles. Me? Writer? Nahiya naman ako. But a few days before I saw the job post, I prayed to God that He direct me to the right path. With hesitation, I e-mailed Kathy.  

When opportunity knocks, don't let fear hold you back. Open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth.

One of the articles I published on PSST.Ph is A Letter To My Almost Lover. I wrote this years ago and was lodged on draft. I was so delighted when it got 79 facebook shares.


In the past years, I’ve been a prisoner of our happy place. I frequent it a lot. I bet you don’t. I’ve got a feeling you don’t even think about me anymore. But you cross my mind at least once a day. Everyday. There are times when I wonder — what if? But it’s too messy and complicated. Ours is something that started with a web of lies. It will never work out. 

An article about an advocacy close to my heart, Biliary Atresia: Stories of Filipino Families Racing Against Time To Raise Funds got 293 facebook shares and 4,139 views.

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I must be doing something right! I have never been happier. I love the team at PSST.Ph. It feels like belonging to a family. Everybody is encouraging and supportive. I'm also proud of the team's achievement in the past two months.

We don't just write. We write sensible articles. No gossips. No misleading titles. We believe that the intelligent people who are into the new media deserve articles that are worth reading. We also encourage you to be #partofthestory. Interact with us through the comment section of each article.

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